Cenna discovered beekeeping at an introductory class with the Wellington Beekeepers Association, and was soon spending hours online reading about bees and calling out sentences that began ‘Did you know that bees can …'.

A trained sommelier, her love of all things bee now tops her love of a good glass of wine. And that’s saying something.

Cenna hails from America’s “South” and moved to Wellington about eight years ago.


(022) 018-7334


Tobin became fascinated by bees after hearing many sentences that began ‘Did you know that bees can …’.

A keen tramper, he quite fancies the idea of following in the footsteps of Sir Ed – surely NZ’s most celebrated apiarist.

Born and raised in Wellington, and now living in Berhampore, he’s your best first point of contact. 

Tobin and Cenna are members of the Wellington Beekeepers Association.


(021) 250-7997

Local Flavour Urban Honey Co was set up in 2013 and works with organic markets, local restaurants, community gardens and private suburban clients.

As well as producing delicious raw honey (more below) our services include things like leasing you a hive where we do all the dirty work while you get all the benefits.

Our raw honey contains active anti-bacterial ingredients that can help the immune system, the heart and build immunity to seasonal allergies such as hay fever.

There’s nothing changed and nothing added. It's simply filtered and bottled.

Because our bees are spread around Wellington we might be able to offer you some from your own neighbourhood. 

Our motto is: ‘Bringing bees to the windy city and honey to the masses’, and that’s a good summary of what we do.