If you live in Wellington City (as far north as Johnsonville), you can ask us to lease an all expenses paid hive for $450 a year, inc GST.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any new hive leases this season (summer of 2018-2019). If you send us an email, we will contact you ahead of next season.


Restaurants and Bars

If you have a business that wants bees, it all depends on access – we need a flat roof that we can get to while carrying heavy loads of honey.

You’re best to contact us to set up a good time to discuss the ins and outs. 







Maybe you’re an experienced pro wanting to get back into the game or maybe you’re a newbee wanting to take the next step.

Whether it's a starter nuc or equipment, we can help you get everything you need.

Be assured it’s good stuff – after all it’s what we use!

Curious about bees? Buying a present for the person who has it all?

Why not get an insight into the secret lives of bees with a look around a hive at one of our urban apiaries?

We can lend you all the equipment you’ll need, and teach you about the life-cycle of the bee and their importance to the environment. Cost is $200 for two people.

Again, contact us to discuss.